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Welcome to the "PKS - Personal Karaoke Station"

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"PKS - Personal Karaoke Station"

A milestone in Karaoke technology

Karaoke on Demand (KOD) and video on demand (VOD)
for commercial and professional users

This professional Computer Karaoke System is successfully used
in hotels, discotheques, as karaokejukebox on several cruise liners and
of course in karaokebars, by mobile karaoke operators (KJs) and in
Karaoke Private Room Applications with Asian standards.



A perfect matched computer controlled
software and hardware solution ensures
a failure free and cost saving operation.



You will make use of the complete implementation
range of the
"PKS - Personal Karaoke Station"
with its usage as karaokejukebox with or without coin checker.

By operation via touch screen monitor
you or your guests comfortably compile
Karaoke songs, video clips or music titles
to the favored program sequence
with a clear and intuitive view.


Although the "PKS - Personal Karaoke Station"
is developed mainly for Karaoke events with KJ
and anchorman or in Karaoke rooms as juke box
for customer selfservice, its simple and clear operation
is very well suited for Karaoke bars.

The guests sing and the bar personnel selects the songs
or type in the song numbers controlling the program flow as a background task with very low effort.


Abstandhalter.gif (816 Byte)
Abstandhalter.gif (816 Byte)
Peter's Karaoke :
Peter Brtschitsch e. K. : Schachtweg 11 : 31234 Edemissen : GERMANY
Phone: +49 (0) 5176 8767 : Mobil: +49 (0) 172 54 00 336 :

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